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Digital and Print Literature Relevant to Historical Maps of Galicia

Sokół preso 2011
An excerpt from a 2011 presentation on cadastral maps in Polish archives by Anna Sokół of the State Archive in Kraków. At the top of the page, an excerpt of the territory around Żurawno (Zhuravno) from the Austrian Empire's first military survey of Galicia, via the historical maps website of Arcanum Maps.
This page of the Gesher Galicia Map Room organizes and presents written references regarding historical maps and the sciences of surveying and cartography applicable to Galicia in the past and the present, as well as the use of old maps of Galicia (its borders, landscapes, and settlements) as tools for historical research on social, family, cultural, and economic themes. Both print and digital resources are listed, with links to free online versions wherever possible.

The source categories below include modern Austrian land survey organizations (inheritors of the former royal administrations which produced the immensely valuable cadastral maps of Galicia); proceedings from archival, cartographic, historical, mathematical, and genealogical conferences; a sampling of online encyclopedia articles; articles from genealogical research journals focused on East Central Europe; and articles from other resources such as textbooks, scientific association websites, and blogs.

These categories do not include physical and online archives and other collections of maps. For linked lists of resources which preserve and/or provide maps of former Galicia, see the Sources page in the Map Room.

Publications of the Austrian Bundesamtes für Eich- und Vermessungswesen (BEV) and the Oberösterreichisches Landesarchiv (OÖLA):

Conference proceedings and presentations:

Wikipedia articles and Wikimedia Commons data:

Articles in The Galitzianer:

Note: Gesher Galicia's quarterly research journal The Galitzianer is a benefit of membership in the organization. Past issues of the journal are searchable and also available for download in the Gesher Galicia Members Portal.

Articles in the East European Genealogist:

Note: The quarterly research journal of the East European Genealogical Society is a benefit of membership in the organization, and is available only in print format. The contents of past issues of the journal are searchable online and some issues are available for purchase. The special issue Vol. 13 No. 3 (Spring 2005) was entirely focused on cadastral maps and records of Galicia.

Articles on the website Forgotten Galicia:

Note: The carefully-researched articles on the Forgotten Galicia blog site which focuses on multicultural Galicia frequently feature historical maps of villages, towns, cities, regions, and landscapes as illustration and explanation. The posts linked below go further, incorporating historical maps of all types as tools in the research itself, revealing facets of past life in the Kingdom not entirely visible in other source types.

Other online references:

Other print references:

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